Gravitation and wave-particle duality revisited

2.3.2. Macro-Cosmological Matter-Waves and Gravitation

June 21st, 2007

This section discusses the case of micro-universe of atoms and elementary particles, and relationships to manage de Broglie matter waves.

Let us now try to construct or exercise what could be the macro-universe equivalent to de Broglie matter-waves concept. The idea here is to show that planets and similar macro objects are also respecting certain periodicity and “macro matter-waves packaging rules”, like de Broglie matter waves in a micro universe. The best for exercising such brainstorming is to start from the Kepler’s third law (of planetary orbital motions), which is also applicable to all satellite motions around certain planet or big mass. Let us temporarily focus our attention only to pure circular rotations, where radius of rotation is r, in order to use simpler mathematical expressions. Kepler’s third law is showing that period T of planetary (or satellite) orbiting around a mass M (or its sun) is given by (2.11.10),

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